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totally worth it. Thanks

I love it!

This game was just insane! 

One of the best indie horror games I've ever played.  Such an eerie atmosphere.  Peeking into the one room with the crosses made me wonder what else was in the house.

the first time i played this i litrally screamed ( made a video on my yt)


Honestly, a great game! Although I wish there were an explanation for the ending, but other than that, truly a great little horror game!

Wow nixe graphics and really nice twist at the end, great work

fiquei spookado

good game loved it nice work.

Stone House Orphanage is one my top 3 games of 2021. Thank you so much for posting such an unsettlingly interesting game that has stuck with me the whole year! 

Le style de ce jeu est génial ! Très jolie maîtrise de l'aspect Old school ! Bravo !


Nice game- 

Truly surprised me 

i really love this little attempt. A couple of bugs but in general it's a great effort. If you only fleshed it out a bit I'm sure you could sell it

Hey my biggest note about this was the mouse sensitivity; it just made it a bit jarring and erratic to get around. But otherwise, awesome job. Feel like there's more you can do with this.

Very good game.... Thankyou.


i just played and it 100% mincraft

Minecraft - Apps on Google Play




100% mincraft


it looks like mincraft


really good game! one thing tho, maybe add another ending? otherwise, great game!


can you add another ending?

Freaky as hell.  Nicely done!

This was a cool little game. Spooked me out a bit especially when Sister Maria turned up behind me at certain moments. Cool concept and definitely spooky! Starts at 21:04

This is awesome man. Weird little walking bug at the end? but I loved this experience.

Very short horror game. It was scary though. Good game!

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Had a lot of fun playing your game it is in my 3 horror games video your game starts at 00:36 awesome game a wonderful job you did Thank you

damn that was SURPRISING😭


i honestly wish there was more game play. However,  it was still a great  game. Moral of the story... NEVER TRUST NUNS


(2) THIS MAN JUST GREW ANTLERS!!! - Triple Threat #7 - YouTube

Full Playthrough on my Tik Tok

A very good, yet short horror game. I'd love to see more like this!

This was such a good game can't wait for more games made by you.

soo... is there a good ending? 

I couldn't figure that game out but still I enjoyed it



I Saw that coming when she asked me to try the soup!

when she turned around though

The ambience is great while the ending was terrifying!


понравилась игра атмосферой, поэтому добавила русского текста ниже английского. ну в общем, вы поймете, что я имею ввиду
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