Children are going missing from Stone House. Does someone there have answers?

Made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam. 

Music by Eric Matyas

Updated 5 days ago
Published 27 days ago
Made withUnity
TagsHorror, Lo-fi, PSX


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very cool game, i got genuinely spooked  out twice haha 

i like the ending

I told him not to eat that stew 

go to 10:05 to see gameplay

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Very fun game with an unsettling ambiance ! would recommend it to everyone since it isn't a long game but knows how to keep and ambiance. Good job to the creator(s) !

The face!!! It good game man. Keep up the good work!!!!

I got glitched and I can't move, I drank some soup and she told me to lie down, but I went between two beds and now I can't move

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What the fuck?

Great ending! 

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 3d there):


1. The game managed to create an eerie sense of tension. That is so cool!

2. TI had different suspicions but I didn't expect the ending at all! Very cool!

3. The ambiance is nicely done! The environment also tells a little story. Such details as unmade beds except for one or that no children is to be seen... I liked that a lot!


1. The way the nun teleports between rooms is very strange. If the point is that they wouldn't turn their back on the main character, wouldn't it be even more creepier if they would move backwards through the doors maintaining eye contact?

2. Maybe a little bit more lore would benefit the game. There are lots of unanswered questions at the moment.


The game is very cool! I can see this becoming a full game with interesting lore and lots of spooks! I would really like that! As is, I would actually rate the game 5/5. It's pretty polished and feels like a short finished story.

Hope my feedback was useful!

An extremely good game. Would definitely recommend this to all my friends.

I loved this horror game so much!!!
I loved the graphics style and I admired the environment. 
I made myself jumpscare. I went to talk to her when she was explaining what the first room is for and that she sits there with children and they talk and then we finished talking and I had to move on to the next room. But then I went back to check the beginning room because I saw 2 paintings (I think) and clicked on them. Then I turned around and suddenly she was standing behind me. I was literally screaming, it was so so damn scary! And that didn't just happen once, it happened like 2 or 3 times cause I always went back in the beginning rooms and she always was behind me when I turned around. That is such a cool feature and only that makes me already want to give it 7/10 points. 
The story was alright, pretty simple and typical but regardless I liked it. 
The sounds were really really good aswell. I liked how you could interact with some things!
And I also liked how when you put the camera down, you're still in the perspective of that camera. And I absolutely loved the design of Maria's back, very cool! 
Also when she expanded her "tentacle" I was already expecting for it to snap on the camera but I still got jumpscared by that, that one sound was also very well placed there! 
The atmosphere for such a short game was a 10/10...just because of the fact that it was small rooms and the fact that she teleports behind you.
This is probably one of the best 2 - 3 minute horror games I have ever played.
Thanks a lot for this experience!

10/10 = 5 stars! :)

Crepey game

Just played.  Simple and fun.  Would love continuation.  Also.  The stew.  It's child stew.  With kids inside.  Isn't it?


I loved the setting and style of the game and when you put down the camera when the camera changes that was a dope effect. I loved it so much man amazing ending too

Your game was the second it played

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My recorded gameplay was the version submitted to the Two-Minute Horror Jam (before the most current updates) because I downloaded this early on. But I've played the updated version, and I love it; I think it's creepier. Regardless I really like the subtle, disturbing and creepy tone of the game, and the ending is definitely a twist.  I added a couple creepy musical cues to my video heighten the gameplay. Thank you for this game, and for checking out my video!

It was really scary...

I am a brazilian guy and the gameplay is in portuguese :)

This game was creepy right from the start! I loved the atmosphere and investigative approach to it as well. The ending i was definitely not expecting! Great work and great game! Can't wait to see more! :)

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Absolutely love this one! I'm a huge fan of pixel horrors! The game takes me back to my PS1 days when I used to play Silent Hill and Evil Dead. The sister Maria's character is so uncanny and chilling. Gives me the creeps! I wish this was a longer looming experience creeping upon as you discover more of the orphange. Sweet-Short-Tightly knit. Kuddos!

- LordGetsuga

This was so cool:) too bad it was so short

Nice work. Short but creepy.

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)


What a super creepy experience lol Loved the short story and how scary the nun was. 

Loved the game. Simple and effective. Although room for much more!

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The size of the nun took me by surprise lol

This was great. 

Great ending! Need more like this.

Amazing game here is my video on it! :D

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loved the thing with the camera! it blew my mind!

Yes, this one freaked me out. It was short and good.

:O So many nopes in this game lol

I've been summoned

T'was not my intention to summon you, LordofNope lo

Love this game, nice game!

it was quite unpredictable :) good job

Sister Maria makes a... Devilishly Good Stew. It practically sticks to your bones! :D

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only few levels, make more,

try it

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