Children are going missing from Stone House. Does someone there have answers?

Made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam. 

Music by Eric Matyas

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(431 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsHorror, Lo-fi, PSX (PlayStation)


Download 32 MB

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loved the game bro i hope you make more


YouTube : BevorniX

I love it! it kinda reminds me of the Landlady a bit.


bro i love this game lmao she kept appearing when i drank the stew i tried leaving but it slammed in my face 


i hate how she keeps appearing behind me


I really loved this game. The art style looks great and the story, while being short, was still very well made. The twist at the end really got me good. Good job.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 00:35


A dark and fun story driven horror game.  


Love the unexpected perspective shift! Was very good for something so short!

The atmpshphere in this game is great! Wish there would be more to your game's story and gameplay.


this is so mid i got stuck inbetween the beds


cool short game love the vibes 


rlly love the game even if its short

I love the style and the ending was pretty creepy. Would like to see more. 


guys full slonked silly style................ sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

i lo9ike the cust of his ji b .. what cna i tekll ya??

need me a grambma

Very good game :D

Love the end, even a little bit cute!

Un Gran Juego!!!

Loved it!

Amazing game, love the ending!!! 

AWESOME short horror game!! great ending! 

LOVED the twist! Great game :)


I like how if you try to leave after drinking the stew the door locks and she just appears behind you


Hey, just wanted to drop in & say really well done on this. I loved it. It just goes to show how impactful something can be, even within 2 minutes. Very impressive. 

I love this game so I played it

Muy corto pero intenso, no puedo ponerle ninguna pega, para mi es redondo, muy perturbador y un final que te deja helado, simplemente brillante, hace falta mas juegos así, felicidades pixelb ^^

spooky little game!! i really love the "old  camera" graphics

9/10 !!

One of the most unsettling short horror games ever!

There needs to be more beautiful looking games like this i loved it


you should make it where it has multiple endings

Fantastic short horror game, the atmosphere and music really puts it all together nicely I just wish it was longer.

That was really cool short game,it have a creepy atmosphere,ending was pretty unexpected 5\5

I loved this so much, i wish there was more. Just by playing for 5 minutes i already knew so much and wanted to know more, this game was a masterpiece. Plus the stew was so good i wanted to go back for seconds.

I made a playthrough on the game if you want to give it a watch :)
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amazing i love it but im wondering if we have to drink the stew...

or can we go somewhere else...?


It's a shame the game was so short but I really enjoyed it 

this was an awesome experience and i got jumpscared as well!


Wow! That is fun. No wonder we couldn't see her back.


I really like the design of sister-Maria, the modelling and animation at the end was particularly spooky, I'm intrigued to investigate the orphanage further if you ever work on a longer work :D

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