Children are going missing from Stone House. Does someone there have answers?

Made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam. 

Music by Eric Matyas

Made withUnity
TagsHorror, Lo-fi, PSX


Download 32 MB

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when she turned around though

The ambience is great while the ending was terrifying!


понравилась игра атмосферой, поэтому добавила русского текста ниже английского. ну в общем, вы поймете, что я имею ввиду

This is a very good game, I like horror games without a lot of screamers and frightening atmosphere.

Found a small bug, if you come too close to a room with a dining table, your mother will block you


The game was extremely creepy and even when it goes for sister Maria's eyes and body movement it was disturbing.

Good Job! keep up the good work :) 


Genuinely creepy!


Dobra i kratka igrica, tema je dobra i koncept također, dopala mi se kuća i karakter, sretno u gradnjoj ostalih igrica!

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Really enjoyed this short game! Would actually love to explore more! Thanks for creating!



very cool


i shit my pants while playing this game

great job loved the ending


This game's my favorite! :) Brilliant job!

This is cool!

i love this game



The game was very short creepy and kinda fun ( i say kinda cuz i dont play horror games to much ) 

The short game was super fun and creepy as hell, when you try to leave and she is right behind you that literally made my heart skip a beat. Great work looking forward to playing more games from you.  Also I made a short video of me playing your game.

Bravo!  Bravo!! Very well done for a browser game! Loved every second of it.  Kept getting up close to see the strange eerie face of the nun.  Would love to see more shorts from you!!!

I really liked this game, the story, graphics and the overall atmosphere of it match so well! It would be really nice to have a sequel of it

By the way, I made a video with some short games, this one starts at 5:20

I really  liked this game, you did good work at making it!

Soon to be on my youtube channel:  Tomorrow :)

sooo creeppy

This game was some good fun and made my Saturday particularly great! Wonderful work!!

Hey you do some amazing work! I really like your texture art. Do you have a business email I could contact you with?


The fastest alt+f4 in the west

guys when i asked for a tour all over the orphege she said yes but kept standing their

guys you can just use the arrow keys i didn’t listenand just used the arrow keys to move it wokrs

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great game, consider adding more to the game.

was I eaten? Or did I just have bad gas, oh your game start at 10:51. Hope you enjoy

is the only ending her bending over you in the bed showing off her creepy backsid

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vart livrädd har sagt det i verkliga livet nej nunnor är hemska 


it scared the shit out of me when she appeared in front of me the first time overall lesson learned to not drink soup from a nun

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yes and when i was looking into the dining room, she appeared behind me randomly and it freaked me out


when i inspected the toys in the sitting room, she appeared behind me so suddenly and her head started twitching

apparently one can destroy the universe by pressing esc

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it was a very creepy game and it was fun to play I had a fun time playing it but whats in the dining room cuz you need to make the 2nd part of this like you're a 2nd investigator breaking into the building after the 1st guy was killed and I uploaded it on my YT

so good!! so creepy!

So creepy but good!

That was really spooky and fun thanks! 



great game!!

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