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One of the most unsettling short horror games ever!

There needs to be more beautiful looking games like this i loved it

you should make it where it has multiple endings

Fantastic short horror game, the atmosphere and music really puts it all together nicely I just wish it was longer.

That was really cool short game,it have a creepy atmosphere,ending was pretty unexpected 5\5

I knew there was somethin off about this place!

I loved this so much, i wish there was more. Just by playing for 5 minutes i already knew so much and wanted to know more, this game was a masterpiece. Plus the stew was so good i wanted to go back for seconds.

I made a playthrough on the game if you want to give it a watch :)
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amazing i love it but im wondering if we have to drink the stew...

or can we go somewhere else...?


It's a shame the game was so short but I really enjoyed it 

this was an awesome experience and i got jumpscared as well!


Wow! That is fun. No wonder we couldn't see her back.


I really like the design of sister-Maria, the modelling and animation at the end was particularly spooky, I'm intrigued to investigate the orphanage further if you ever work on a longer work :D



I have no clue why I haven't played this game before! This is great! Got a jump scared too! Bravo! Game here: 

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.


wont load


Great game.  I love the creepiness' and sister Maria!!!

THIS WAS SUPER GOOD!!! awesome work, it really had a great vibe and i loved the audio design and artistic design. super great short game.




This game was awesome!! Love the ambience and the graphics!

nice game

i played this game on 12:09

damn i hope this game has full realese

Eerie Game, short but really good with nice tension.

Wow really interesting game, the graphics are so good, and also the creepy ambience, like it!

hre face scares me, great game overall had me creeped out the whole game

Its a mystery what the hell is happening. I love it

Yo, your girl doesn't understand personal boundaries. My first play I did glitch :)

Literally feeling of everything being wrong is signalled and who decides to eat a random food from a potential suspect. Very solid till the end. Thank you for making this! 2nd game.

This nun really made me piss myself

Stone House Orphanage is the first in this video! I knew there was a reason I couldn't go behind her!

From now on I shall trust no one who never shows me their back.

I now know that Nuns are EVIL!!! I was scared so many times when she showed up right behind me. I also got stuck once and couldn't move because she was behind me in a corner. But other than that this was a wonderful game! Really hope to see more of this. Anyways heres my video on it. hope you enjoy! 


ahhh wish this was longer

Me too.


thats what she said


I love this game so much and had a ton of fun with it as you can see here. IT's such a simple yet effective game, with a good story. You've done well with this. Good job. MOLTO BENE
You were able to make such an entertaining, interesting game in just a short amount of time that I was able to play and have fun with it For 15 MINUTES

really liked it!! 

Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided to pay this a revisit. Like how the graphics look definitely gives you the creeps. I found a bug though to where if you click "Play" after beating the game the first time maria spawns behind you in the hallway. Showcased that in the video.

I had a good time playing the game although I do wish it was longer! The atmosphere was really eerie, and it was fun not knowing what to expect with the nun. 

this is the most scary game i have ever played

and i LOVED it!!!

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