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I loved this game it was short and creepy i liked it, also how did you do the grapchs it was pretty cool like pixels but in 3d

Had fun playing this one!

Scary one

Wow! I loved this. Although it's very short the it was very creepy! The whole time it was just very unsettling and I didn't know where the story was going to go. Thank you for creating this pixelb! I followed you and will be keeping an eye out for any other games you make!

*Your game starts at 10:04*

SKIP TO 18:34!!!

This was incredibly well made, I'm actually flawed by how good it was considering it was a submission for a Two-Minute game jam. The nun absolutely terrified me to death with her way of 'movement' and the ending, whilst I saw something of the sort coming, did actually surprise me.

I'm going to have to keep my eye on your work in the future!

Your game is at the 12:44 mark.

I love it very well done scared the crap out of me so its good in my book 

This is really cool and well done. Very polished. I think you should make more games.

A really cool short horror game! The animation was amazingly creepy (sliding-teleporting nun ftw), the grainy filter and the pixelated style were perfectly mixed to give this game a found-footage horror style that worked wonders! Great game! 

I've put my first time playing down below, If you want to check it out. It's the first game in the list! 


Thank you so much for this awesome game!! Honestly I could see this game being so much longer!! There is so much here and I finished the game wishing for more!! This is one of my favorite short horror games I've played! I made a YouTube Video of my playthrough. Again, thank you for this creepy experience! 

Great short horror game


bruh i legit keep replaying this game i love it aaa

ah a fan of dangaronpa i see

Amazing game, i actually wanted it to be longer.

Sorry but its kinda glitchy in the video           ( First game)

i want a part two <3

i want more scary things :/

The ending got me.

that was spooky, waiting for continue


The fact that the nun follows you is scary.

Nice game

That was nice and nasty

I absolutely loved this. Just play it.

Really good short horror! 


I loved this game it was really good! Hope you liked my gameplay! Also check out my channel SilverChiara!

Hope to see more from you! Game starts at 04:35


That was creepy AF and that lil drunk part with the dude well just watch.  

Such a great game and would love to see more! My playthrough is at the start of the video! 

great game :) please check out my play through below x 

Was intrigued by the story and style. 

Hope to get a longer part 2. your definitely onto something here with this idea

sooo spooky! i love it tho >v<


very good game the dev should make a part 2 to this:)

so creepy and I loved the artstyle!! tried running after she told me to eat the soup, shouldn't have done that :3

what happend after that

nvm she got in the back of me quick

I Liked the game a lot!! It places the player in a strange situation at the very start and i liked that. I also liked how the other dialogue options are optional for advancing through the game. It also is important to mention that this game reminds me of puppet combo games. Anyways, Fun game!!!

Holy crap this was creepy! The nun teleporting was already creepy, with the dark atmosphere and music just increasing that fear of something happening! Also, I knew there was something wrong with the stew. And I jumped at the tendril suddenly coming towards the camera. Overall, a great game that I would definitely play if it was made to be longer!

This was a fun quick game! I think if this game expanded a bit it could take off!
Art style was good, and I like the twist in the end!
Overall great game, I wish I had more to say but I think everything looked solid!


A 2-minute teaser that ended fair too quickly, I was so engrained and onboard with the creepy teleporting that was almost a believable walking speed. I enjoyed it so much that the worst part has to be the ending, I could see a good fun 20-30 minute game if the reveal was stretched out and done more slowly with rooms and objectives within the orphanage gradually getting more decrepit and disused. However, since this was for a 2-minute game jam, I cannot recommend this enough, great work guys.  A few more random thoughts and my playthrough of the game is located below.

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